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So often, we look down on ourselves and devalue our worth. Many times that comes from outside sources. I will tell you that when an outside input makes us feel like we are less, then we need to be looking elsewhere for our input. Here are some thoughts that I just dumped on a page. I am writing a book about this topic and would love any ideas or stories. There is also a podcast attached this blog – https://www.buzzsprout.com/1624801/episodes/7360324
What does advertising say about us?

  • If we buy this or that we will be cool, attract the right people and get the girl or the guy or the job or the house or everything we want
  • It tells us that we are not enough without the product
  • It creates impossible standards of beauty
  • It’s a lot like pornography and the images it creates about sex
    What does bullying say about us?
  • IF you are the bully it says that you are not enough on your own and you need to tear others down in order to feel like you are important
  • It probably means that you were bullied as a child – most likely at home
  • The one being bullied it makes them feel like they are less and often humiliated
    What does atheism say about the person?
  • You are here today and …. Pushing up daisies tomorrow
    What does creation say about you?
  • That you are unique and special just the way you are
  • That you were created for a purpose that only you can fulfill
  • That there is no one else on the planet like you – you are a one of a kind and we are blessed and honored to know and love you.
    What does how your body was designed say about you and your value?
  • Some are born with diseases that adversely impact their capacity to do certain things. But does this diminish their value? No – I believe that God tells us that we all have a purpose and that purpose is seen in His strength at work through us – not our strength alone. I believe that this means that means that we need to look beyond our greatest challenges and see the gifts
    What do we say about ourselves?
  • That we are not enough
  • That we are stupid
  • That we are poor
  • That we are ugly/fat
  • Not enough education
  • Not enough money
  • Wrong job/no opportunities to improve – stuck
  • No one likes me
  • I’m a bad person
  • No one will ever love me
  • Everyone thinks I am a loser
    Why are these questions important?
    It tells a story about who we think we are. Until we deal with those thoughts that are negative, it makes it impossible to think any different. We create cognitive distortions in our mind that replay like a DVD from hell. It is telling us what the media is saying, what our past is saying, what we think others are saying and what our thoughts about ourselves tell us. We must learn a new way of processing those thoughts and systematically destroying them. The narrative we create in our head or that maybe our parents/peers/media create for us can destroy us or at the very least hold us back from experiencing a life that is beyond compare to anything we can begin to imagine.
    If we are going to make the bold statement – Your Life Matters, then we have to ask the question –
  • What matters about me?
  • What impact do I make?
    • In my own life? § I do things that make me happy § I experience joy by things I do § I provide safety and security § I grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually § I create a career – a path that I excel in – and this makes me feel good about me – In your home? § Your presence matters – listening § your intelligence and wisdom matters § your capacity to serve your home, even if it is just with ideas and creative input § your caring § your contribution lightens the load of others
      • In school?
        § You create a job for others by being there
        § Your interaction in class and with others makes a difference
      • At work?
        § The product you deliver matters
        § The income you create impacts others/yourself

What about when I am not ok?
o To others

  • I am depressed and no one cares?
    o This is tough because a lot of times people will suffer with depression in silence and they believe that no one cares. The lie we tell ourselves is that no one cares but if we were to reach out and talk with someone about it we would find that there are people who care. There are people who have experienced exactly what we are going through and may be able to help us through it. We may find others who are going through it right now and the fact that you and them are not alone in this struggle any more can be each of your saving grace
  • I am anxious about my future and whether my life really matters and no one cares
    o Your future is full of a lot of unknowns. But what you can do is your best today. You can make a plan and walk it out a day at a time. Make a reasonable timeline based on how long things normally take, like degrees and certifications, and walk it out. Being anxious about the future is common but when we have a plan and a timeline we can reduce it. When we see progress, we feel good about ourselves, that is why a timeline is important. One note – an overly aggressive timeline can be more hurtful than helpful because you will inevitably get behind and this can be anxiety inducing.
    o Progress adds meaning to your life.
  • Why do my choices matter to anyone?
    o Every choice – good or bad – impacts others
  • Why do I matter at all?
    o Every life, no matter how long or short is a complete life and it serves a purpose – it matters
  • Does it matter if I help someone?
    o Think about this for just a moment – You help Joe with a project. It allows him to return home sooner, to spend time with his kids and wife. The happiness that you created by a simple act of assistance cannot be measured. What if it ends up being one of those moments that his wife or kids never forgets because it was something that memorable… What if the fact you helped him and he shares that story with his kids, so they in turn do the same for someone else and the impact becomes exponential. What if Joe in turns helps someone else and it saves their marriage?… The line of impact is beyond comprehension.
  • Does it really matter if I hurt someone?
    o Yes! The same is true but in the opposite direction if you hurt someone instead of helping.
  • What if I hurt myself?
    o Intentional self-harm is an epidemic in this country. When one person hurts themselves by ending their life, it is often followed by several others. When others see us survive a difficult time, it encourages others to persevere.
  • What if I cure cancer?
    o YAY! You are a hero but you don’t have to do something so heroic to matter – small things matter as well
    What if I do nothing?
    No one fails to make an impact. If we were to channel our own inner George Baily, from It’s a Wonderful Life, we would see the truth behind the difference we make. If you are on planet earth, you are doing something and it matters. Even the baby in NICU, who is struggling to be alive is impacting his or her world in ways that we cannot sit here and calculate. So if a struggling infant is making a difference, what does that say for an adult or young person who had a far greater capacity?
    It means that your life matters in ways that we are going to discover. Hang in there with me and let’s explore it. In this podcast/blog, we are going to be hearing stories – some personal and others from people you have heard of and some you haven’t. You are going to hear some statistics and some science, alongside some psychology. Some you agree with, others you won’t and that is ok too.
    But at the end of the day, I want you to know that your life is significant – YOU MATTER!
    God Bless You,
    Dr. Cliff Robertson, Jr.

This Site is about to radically change and so are a few other things!

The book is ready and there are two more on the way. I have started a podcast now that will go on 2-3 days a week and we shall see if we can put it up more often than that – up to 5 days a week. By summer I hope to be speaking in churches and other venues about topics near and dear to my heart – #YourLifeMatters, I’m A Warrior and The Transformation Project. In this we will talk about the elements of positive psychology and faith. Overcoming trauma and turning it into a triumph, while leading other to do the same.

One of the things that has really captured my mind and heart over this past year is the importance of YOU. Each of us is really important for a lot of reasons and a lot of times we get lost. Maybe we get lost in the hustle and bustle of corporate America. Maybe we get lost in social media. Or maybe we get lost because we feel we have no purpose, the mistakes we have made have robbed of a hope and future and… well, what is the point to living? The point is that #yourlifematters. And in the upcoming year, I am going to share with you story after story – some from my own life, and other stories from others – that will show you how important you really are and how much you really do matter.

But we are not going to stop there. We are then going to begin to walk you through a process of personal transformation. And then we are going to talk about the warrior in you – in I’m a Warrior.

There will also be segments coming soon on marriage and men. Followed up by how do we translate all of this into the business/non-profit world – asking the following question – How can I use these skills and this new mindset to be a better team member, manager, entreprenuer, director – both executive director and development director.

I will be available to speak with groups, churches and organizations beginning this summer.

Like I said – things are about to change! Hang on – its going to be great!

Dr. Cliff

Transformed – a Memoir

The world transforms all around us during different seasons of the year. Right now, there is snow and it makes such beauty. It will change again soon as it melts.

We can transform too… when God touches our lives. He can do radically move in your life that you will no longer recognize the old life.

He did it for me and He can do it for you.

My book is coming out soon! I will announce it here when it goes live on Amazon. Stay tuned


It’s almost done…

The book, Transformed is about to come out… finally. I have to admit, that I am a bit nervous. The book tells my story in about as direct a way as possible. It is brutal at times, heart-wrenching in other moments and generally a punch in the gut… but there is hope. Stay tuned – the story turns out pretty good because God is good – all the time. Here is a copy of the cover

Here we go… trusting God and stepping into the breach

So stay tuned – the official launch is in the first week of January – 2021.


When God speaks…

I was reading something from Billy Graham once where he said, “Prayer is a two-way conversation with God.” People tell me all the time, “I never hear from God… how do you do that?”

God speaks to us all through His word. Yet, I know that some say, where do you begin to hear exactly what He is saying to me today ?

I won’t pretend to have all the answers but let me share an experience with you… I was going through a tough time and I prayed and asked God about and for a lot of things. Then I went through my daily devotional and reading that morning and do you know what happened? Everything I had prayed about was answered in order and one thing I didn’t ask (I was thinking I had asked for too much), was answered too! Now, I didn’t go looking for the answers, this was my normal reading. How did that happen? God did that! He wanted to talk to me and He did!

I have started writing my prayers in a journal. When I write… I pause and listen. Sometimes I just get this knowing… it’s like the Holy Spirit is giving me a nudge. Then sometimes it’s a word… like Write, I will, and can be surprising… not what I would expect.

Then there are times when I am outside… often at the beach. Several years back, I began to have my devotional time near the water. The sunrises were often amazing. Then on some days, the weather would be dark and obscured the sunrise. I remember one day, it was one of those bad weather days. I began to leave and I sensed the Lord telling me to wait. So I said, “Really? Well, ok Lord…” So I sat back down and waited. Within 20 minutes the sky went from gloomy and dark to spectacular. Here are the pictures.

I could sense God telling me, “Hang on… I know things don’t look great today but the change is coming and it is going to be awesome!”

I have to tell you… there have been times since that moment that have been really hard. I wanted to give up… walk away but I’m sure glad I didn’t! God has turned the dismal into the amazing!

God spoke to me through His creation! He tells us in His word that He speaks to us in that way, if we are listening. So are you listening?

There’s more to this story but the common thread is consistently seeking Him in His word and prayer and living for Him. When we do… we hear… when we hear, it changes everything!!

Praise Him!


2 Timothy 4:2,7

Wait for it… wait…

We want change to happen… NOW!

Like standing in front of a microwave and shouting,


Yet, if change happens quickly, does it ever last?


If it takes time and hard work, the change is likely to stick and flourish. Sweet Cherry trees can take up to seven years to yield fruit. If you till the soil… pull the weeds… plant seeds … water the ground… then wait… and wait some more!

But it’s worth it! So will the change that’s coming in your life if you stay the course and don’t give up.

Great things are coming!

Goodnight y’all!


So… you say you want change in your life or you want to change? Are you sure?

I was thinking about this topic today as I was passing a cotton field. One field was beautiful and getting ready to bust loose and produce a bumper crop. How did it get to that point? Hard Work!!

You see, that field didn’t start out as a cotton field… it was a small wooded plain or coastal plains… only salt grass and scrub oak growing there. Lots of work was required to turn it into a cotton producing field.

The Bible teaches us that we, “Reap what we sow!” It also teaches us that the harvest production depends on the preparation of the soil … (parable of the sower and the seeds).

So if we want real change and to have a harvest of good stuff in our lives, maybe we need to begin by taking a hard look in the mirror! Too often, we want to blame our circumstances, or others, when the truth is we are not always doing our part…

For example… do you speak life and optimism over your life and into others? Or are you negative about yourself and others?

Do you have unconfessed sin in your life that you are continuing to live in and not do anything about? Or are you clearing that field?

Are you ruled by fear … being afraid to step out in faith and live the life God has planned for you? Or are you taking that leap of faith?

Do you spend time alone with God… Praying, reading and listening? Or do you expect church to be the sum total of your spiritual life?

If you want real change in your life, you have to be willing to do the things necessary to get there. God opens the door but you have to walk through it… He never says it will be easy, in fact He tells us it will be hard.

So here’s what I want you to do! Pray and ask God to give you a vision for your future. You may say, “But I never get anything back!” Just pray… and trust Him to guide your path. Then examine your life…is there something I need to be done with?…. Ask God to forgive you and then turn from it… aka Repent!

Then I want you to do one thing, each day (at a minimum) that advances you in the direction of your dream/vision. Make a list of things you need to be doing and check them off as you go. This will require extra hours… that’s ok! It’s an investment in yourself…. sowing and one day you will reap a harvest.

So … do you want change in your life?

I think you do! Take the step… then take the next one…. then repeat!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Transformation… Today! 7/31/19

Good afternoon everyone!

I had some thoughts on real change in my life and wanted to see if it might help you too.

God’s Word tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds… right? So, how does that work? I have been talking with a number of people recently who have a hard time focusing and getting things done. I have found myself mindlessly wandering through social media and then wondering why I hadn’t gotten anything done.

I read some stuff on motivation and how neurologically if we count down from 5-1 and get up and go, we are tons more likely to get up and go(Robbins, 2017). So I tried it on focus or refocusing my mind on the tasks at hand.

I have to tell you that I have started counting down from three to one anytime I feel my mind wondering and then saying the words – I’m back! It works! I find myself refocused on the task and as I have worked on this through the course of the day, and continued this count down, I find myself wandering less and doing more.

In my estimation, this is an example of renewing the mind by helping it to refocus and on the task at hand.

SO do you want a short mind hack for the day… “3, 2, 1 – I’m back” – it works if you work it!

Have a great day and I’ll have more tomorrow!


Robbins, Mel – The 5 Second Rule, 2017 by Audible

Facebook asks…”What’s on your mind?” We’ll, you asked…

Just the other day I was working an insane number of hours. While I was outside, I felt like I was going to be sick… you know, lose my cookies. It hit me then that I needed to make a change. I had known it for a while… my wife had been telling me this fact for a while. I had wanted to stop but I wasn’t sure how… who could I trust to do what needed to be done? I had a number of people work with me over the past year and I felt like I spent more time working for them than they did for me… so what was the point.

Then a friend referred a friend to me and as we walked around the job site, he said to me, “You have the right man for this job. I do this kind of work everyday!” He wasn’t kidding!! He did a great job. So I made a deal with him and it has taken a huge load off of me.

So now I am going to be using that time to write. I recently signed a contract with a publisher but have had no time to write because I have been working on so many other things. I have freed up 8-12 hours per week… and if I were honest it will probably end up being even more than that.

You may be asking… “what is he going to write about?” Very good question. I am going to begin with my story of transformation, called…. drum roll please, TRANSFORMED – The Transformation Project. It is the story of how God intervened in my life and changed everything… I had made a mess of it all and He has turned it around and now I believe it is a message of hope for others. Then I have a companion book/study guide that will help lead those through there own transformation by examining what the Bible says about real change. There are others… my wife and I are going to be starting a daily devotional website. I have several other manuscripts that I have started that I will look at again. The bottom-line is that I believe that God has opened this door and we are walking through it… I hope you will join us… read what God has put on our hearts and share your comments about what God is doing in your life or maybe tell us about what your greatest need. You never know how God will use that.

Praise Him!

Cliff Robertson, Jr.

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