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Your Life Matters – The Toolkit for Changing Your World



Feel like your life is insignificant?
Wondering if your life even matters? Ready to give up?
Your Life Matters looks at what each person can do with their life, regardless of their current circumstance.
Whether our mountain-size problems come into our lives uninvited or because of our choices, the pain that comes with them can be overwhelming and cloud our hearts. Unable to see clearly through the suffering, we lose sight of our real worth and our true value.
This book takes a gritty look into many factors that contribute to feelings of worthlessness and provides a personal and practical tool kit to combat them.
Filled with examples of people who have endured heartbreaking hardships and turned their lives into meaningful ministries—large and small—this inspiring book will challenge you to be the positive impact the world needs and you are designed to make.
Get ready to discover your true value and create a positive impact on your world and beyond.

*YOUR PURCHASE MATTERS – A portion of each book sale is going to The Warriors Refuge (, a veteran homeless shelter, counseling center and vocational training facility.


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