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Here is the 3rd Installment from the book - Your Life Matters! The Invisible Pain of Depression/Mental Health Depression and mental health issues are rampant in our world today. I see it in my work as a counselor and in my capacity as founder of a veteran's homeless shelter. I live it every day. As a pastor, I

Ever experience the 800lb Gorilla? You know… when it feels like it is sitting on your chest and it won’t move. So you stay in bed until there is just know way you can stay another moment. Or he could be on your shoulders, making you feel like the weight of the world is coming

When tragedy strikes, life gets hard. When the the job goes away, life gets hard. When the diagnosis… When the one you loved most dies… or leaves When the horrible thing happens… And then it happens again… When we face depression… ….Anxiety… …Fear… When we wake up in the morning… When we can’t sleep… Let’s just say it out loud, life is hard… maybe even impossible.


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