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Dr Cliff Robertson, Jr

Year End & New Beginnings

Today marks the end of what has been a pretty tough year for many. I know many people have struggled greatly – some still are and for some the struggle is over, forever. While their struggle is over, many of us miss them so much it hurts and may not stop hurting… ever.

I will tell you, as one who has lost loved ones, the pain does lessen over time but it is important to not try and bury the pain in the multitude of means that are available to escape – drugs, alcohol, overeating, workaholism, are just a few. While they may dull the pain today, they dull you and take even more from you than you should be willing to give. Some can’t seem to make it at all and want to end everything. That is a permanent solution to what is truly a temporary problem. Plus, your loved one or friend would never want that for you. They would want you to miss them, of course but mainly, to live.

I think we need to approach this new year with a positive expectation that it is going to be the best year – EVER!

Let me make a suggestion –

Get out a piece of paper and write down all the good things that happened to you this year. Include all things – personal/family, work, health, education and more. Take your time and be specific.

Then I want you to think about what you want in your life for this new year. What do you want in your personal life/family/relationships? How can you work to improve things? What about work or business? Maybe you started a new business in 2021 or you want to start a new business in 2022 – make a plan, get specific – write out your goals, and then break it down into things you need to do each day, week and month. What about health – do you want to lose weight, run a 5k, 10K or longer? Do you want to be healthier, stronger…? What do you need to do in order to make that happen. Be specific.

As for me – I am working on my next book, while the last one I wrote is being edited. I am committed to writing everyday… Family – We are working on our house together and building a stronger relationship daily, by being even more intentional about how we laugh and live and love one another. Health wise – I am committed to losing more weight – I want to get to 190. I want to run a 5K by this coming summer. I want get stronger. I am also going to be continuing my education – more details on that are coming. Some people think I am crazy about education – I have lots of degrees. But I just think that growing as a person is important. I ask the question – how can I be better? The answer to that question drives the work that I do.

While our year is ending, our lives are not – tomorrow is not only the first day of the year, but the first day of the rest of our lives. Let’s embrace it with all that we have. Let’s love, fully! Let’s give all we have and make it the best life – ever. After all,


God Bless You!

Dr. Cliff


Transformed by the Grace of God. Writer, Preacher, Teacher, Father, Servant and Child of the Most High! Currently Writing - The Transformation Project. It's my story of how God leaned into my pit and changed my life.


  • December 31, 2021

    I plan to focus more on Jesus, sometimes I think I want to go back to that time when I felt closer but now I think when they say to return to your first love that you still need move forward in your relationship with Him. I joined a new Bible Study about a month ago and this guy, the Teacher is a Doctor as well and keeps me thinking, I see these things in a whole new light. I look forward to more understanding of the greatest book ever written.
    Still want to read yours.
    Love you and your beautiful wife.
    Happy Healthy New Year!


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