Transformed – a Memoir

The world transforms all around us during different seasons of the year. Right now, there is snow and it makes such beauty. It will change again soon as it melts.

We can transform too… when God touches our lives. He can do radically move in your life that you will no longer recognize the old life.

He did it for me and He can do it for you.

My book is coming out soon! I will announce it here when it goes live on Amazon. Stay tuned


It’s almost done…

The book, Transformed is about to come out… finally. I have to admit, that I am a bit nervous. The book tells my story in about as direct a way as possible. It is brutal at times, heart-wrenching in other moments and generally a punch in the gut… but there is hope. Stay tuned – the story turns out pretty good because God is good – all the time. Here is a copy of the cover

Here we go… trusting God and stepping into the breach

So stay tuned – the official launch is in the first week of January – 2021.