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Dr Cliff Robertson, Jr

The Call & The Confirmation

When God calls you to something, how do you know for sure? I mean really, really sure? This is a question that we all wrestle with. I read the call of Saul/Paul and wonder if God will do that for me. I understand how King David was called out of the sheepfold, literally, to be anointed King of Israel.

Then we have Jesus speaking audibly to the disciples as He walked to them. He preached in their boats and performed miracles and then told them you haven’t seen anything yet. Does Jesus still do that today? Lord, will you do that for me?

So is the call just as powerful today as it was then? Lord?


I believe it is just as strong today as it was then due to the power of the Holy Spirit! It’s different today, a still small voice or a gentle knowing, yet still just as real.

How do we know for sure that it is God calling us and not our own will? Well, there are a number of things to look at.

  1. Is the call consistent with His Word? If it isn’t, then the answer is that it is your will driving the car.
  2. If the call is consistent with His Word, is it something you have prayed about? If not, then pray about it now! Ask God to help make it clear to you.
  3. Have others confirmed the call without being asked? What I mean is, have others told you that you would be good at this or that, serving as confirmation of what you believe that God has already told you? God will often provide us confirmation this way. Just today, I had someone tell me that they believed that writing was part of my call from God. I didn’t ask them but they saw my last post and prayed about it. Then they reached out to me today and gave me some much needed encouragement and confirmation.
  4. Speak with you Pastor. Share your heart with him and what you believe you are being called to do. Listen to him.
  5. Don’t allow your lack of experience or training to be a deterrent. If God called you, He will prepare you.
  6. Don’t let lack of resources discourage you. If it is God’s will, it is his bill.
  7. If it meets many of the above points and falls in line with your gifts from God, look out, you have a job to do.

I know that this is a pretty simple list and there can be a lot more to it. What I want to encourage you to do is to simply …call

God will help you walk out the rest. I would rather step out in faith and be wrong, than hold back and miss the opportunity due to fear.

One of the things that my seminary professor said that has always stuck with me is,

“If God has called you to do it, it may not get done if you don’t do it.” faith

But we still have the choice to make – will we say, YES or NO? I will tell you that when you fail to choose, you are saying no. When you say no to God’s call, you will never see peace because you have forsaken it. What we have to understand is that we are either walking with God or we are walking away from God. Answering God’s call will be one of the greatest things you will ever do, along with the hardest. But we have the strength and power that raised Christ from the dead to carry it out! Trust Him!

I hope this helps but if you have questions or comments, I encourage you to reach out to me here or email –

Praise Him!

Cliff Robertson, Jr. ThD



Transformed by the Grace of God. Writer, Preacher, Teacher, Father, Servant and Child of the Most High! Currently Writing - The Transformation Project. It's my story of how God leaned into my pit and changed my life.

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