Next Step…?

Hmmm… So I have declared that I am beginning to write again (see previous post). Now what? I think I need to get back to the books I had started writing. I have thought about articles, more blog posts, short stories…

Lord, what would you have me to do? I feel I am hearing books… So I am going to break out the crates and get to it! The first one will most likely be The Transformation Project – a memoir on my story.

So today, I say YES!

The first step is saying Yes. But I have said yes before but there was no plan. So today, while I say yes to write, again, today I have a plan. The plan means that I write everyday – maybe not a lot but some with a purpose. I have allowed the chains of busyness to hold me back. But today I say no more. I am a writer…

I have been published twice… it is time to do it again and again!


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