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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Somehow that sentiment doesn’t seem to be strong enough for how I feel about Mom’s. How about this – You Are God’s MVP’s and may He bless you richly with every spiritual blessing – AKA – Pour Out All That Heaven Has.

We all know the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus and the very real challenges she dealt with and walked through but what many of us may have missed is that her faithfulness is not an isolated incident. The Bible is full of Mom’s that did incredible jobs.

As we study the Old Testament, it becomes readily apparent that Godly Mom’s make a blog picture - living breaddifference in the lives of many. Here is an example that is repeated in Scripture –

“Jotham was twenty and five years old when he began to reign, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem. HIS MOTHER’S NAME ALSO WAS JERUSHAH, THE DAUGHTER OF ZADOCK.” 2 Chronicles 27:1 (emphasis is mine)

In this male dominated society why was Mom mentioned here? It is a repeated theme throughout the Chronicles. WHY? I know the Mom’s that are reading this are screaming the answer right now but just bear with me, I am getting to the point – I promise.

This King was noted that,

“… he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord…” vs.2 154567026_6d96a13b5d_z

There is another example where a king had another Mom and things didn’t go so well.

“But when Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the royal seed of the house of Judah.” 2 Chronicle 22:10

SO what was the difference? Athaliah was the daughter of evil King Omri by way of Ahab and Jezebel. But the first Mom was the daughter of the chief priest – Zadock. One lived in Jerusalem and served God and the other came from a place that openly worshipped idols.

So Mom’s, your godly influence, the life you lead and the things you teach your children truly matter. They make a difference beyond what you could ever consider. King Jotham built up his city, won battles and made the country better than it was even under his fathers reign. His Mom made a difference in his life and therefore over 1 million people were directly impacted in a positive way. That is amazing –

YOU AREmom-care-02-pg-full AMAZING!

I am not saying that there won’t be some very dark times in the lives of your children. There are some, like me, that will make very poor choices along the way, but that godly example will be remembered and it will serve as a light house to guide us back home.

Some of you Mom’s and Dad’s may be saying that you have really messed things up. Trust me, I understand. My advice to you is that it is never too late to become the person God intended you to be. God can do more with your humble surrender, even late in life, than you think possible. I am telling you that it is not too late to make a difference in the life of your children, even if they are now adults. In fact, your transformation can be the thing that gives your family the hope they need to reunite and turn to God themselves.prayertime

This is something that has been on my heart for a while and I wanted to share it. So Godly Mom’s out there –

Let’s raise the roof with praise!

You are God’s Masterpiece(Ephesians 2:10), uniquely created to do a job that changes the world and helps us to see the beauty in the midst of a world full of ugliness, pain and depression. You are more important than any single day can commemorate. We love you more than words can say.  

Praise Him!

Cliff Robertson, Jr.


Transformed by the Grace of God. Writer, Preacher, Teacher, Father, Servant and Child of the Most High! Currently Writing - The Transformation Project. It's my story of how God leaned into my pit and changed my life.


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