Luke 22:42 (Not My Will)

Can you even begin to imagine what that would have been like? What He did for us, is beyond words because He knew we would reject Him, walk away from Him, use His name for purposes that no name should ever be used. Yet, even after all that, He was able to say, “Not my will Father, but thine be done…” Thank You Jesus …. for everything.

One thought on “Luke 22:42 (Not My Will)”

  1. My first true understanding of how much God loves us was when my daughter was young, she was getting out of the tub and passed out falling crumpled on the floor, we couldn’t wake her up and had to call 911, turned out she was a bit dehydrated and she got up too fast her blood pressure dropped causing to faint..later as I reflected on the situation I realized how hard it must have been for God to just give His only son for our iniquities, I could not give my daughter up for anything!!! God loves us, He really does!

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