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Dr Cliff Robertson, Jr

In Spite of Ourselves – God is Great!

I love God’s Word because it shows us God’s heart that is so full of mercy and grace. I was studying 2 Chronicles 18 this Sunday and was reminded about the fact that God know’s how messed up we are and yet, He protects us anyway.

 among us

In this chapter King Jehoshaphat (Jeho) goes over to King Ahab and agree’s to go to war with him. He tell’s Ahab that they need to consult the Lord prior to going out. Well Ahab, under the influence of Jezebel, had a few “prophets” of Baal that were telling them that they would be successful. But Jeho knew that these “prophets” were not from God. He insisted that Ahab call a prophet of God. Ahab didn’t want to because God’s man always gave him bad news but to satisfy Jeho, he called the prophet.


After some bantering, the prophet told them that King Ahab was going to die in battle. The King’s went to war anyway but Ahab had Jeho wear his robes but Ahab was going as a regular soldier. To make a long story short, the enemy saw a King in robes, expecting it to be Ahab and went after him. Jeho saw them coming and cried out and the enemy realized that they were going after the wrong man. A random arrow was shot at the army of Israel and killed Ahab anyway.


The reason this story is important is because it shows us that God protects those that are His. Jeho was right asking for God’s guidance in this endeavor but he failed by going to war anyway. Yet, God spared him. Why? Earlier it tells us that Jeho was right with the Lord and sought him like David did. He went home and got back to following God with his whole heart.


Why did God not spare Ahab? God had given Ahab numerous calls to get it right but he still hated to listen to anything God had to say and willfully went against His will. If we keep going down the road to destruction, eventually we will be destroyed. God will show us mercy but we have to turn to Him and Abide in Him. If we live apart from Him, we forsake His mercy and grace. A life outside God’s grace and mercy is one without hope. A life without hope is the definition of being an atheist.


So what are you going to choose – God’s way or your own? God’s grace and mercy or ….?


What I love about God’s grace and mercy is that when we mess up and we will mess up and get it wrong, He helps us, picks us up out of the pit (or saves us in battle) and sets us on His road – His Well Lit Narrow Path! Let’s get on that path and remain – life is too short and eternity too long to miss out on all that God has for us.

 Praise Him!

 Cliff Robertson, Jr.

2 Timothy 4:2,5


Transformed by the Grace of God. Writer, Preacher, Teacher, Father, Servant and Child of the Most High! Currently Writing - The Transformation Project. It's my story of how God leaned into my pit and changed my life.

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