I was encouraged to come to this blog. How many have you have been where this believer has been? If you have been there – write about it here. If you haven’t, reach out to Jesus Christ and everything can change for you. If you don’t know where to begin, call a Pastor you trust or if you need to, write to me.



I spoke to God,
From a church,
Filled with Christian’s.
Singing and clapping,
As we worshipped the lord.
Through all this noise,
My prayer he received.
I could not see him,
No reply was heard.
Still my heart felt,
What I know to be true.
The Holy Spirit from Jesus,
Was flowing through me.
Sorrows now lifted,
Im free to rejoice.
But know Im not special,
No favorite of God’s.
Through faith,
I have met him.
In faith, I have grown.

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